SMM ,Facebook, Instagram


SMM is one of the foundations for the successful development and promotion of a personal and corporate brand. In the process of implementing an SMM strategy, we take into account the specifics of the activities of each company or an individual and provide a number of digital solutions for the rapid popularization of the brand on the network.


Creation, integrated maintenance and development of pages on social networks;

Detailed analysis of Facebook and Instagram pages, structuring of the main mistakes;

Regular analysis of the profile audience, its needs, reactions, interactions with previous publications, competitor analysis;

Creation of corporate identity, selection of key media roles for the client;

Visual image strategy (selection of locations and images for photo shoots);

Drawing up a content plan, interactions, ideas and headings for posts, stories;

Engaging subscribers and keeping your account active;

Creation of a database of relevant hashtags;

Collaboration with an expert/blogger in the similar field;

Launching of targeted advertising.